New Year, New You!

2013 has been a busy year and we are looking forward to seeing you in 2014!

As we say goodbye to the current year, I wanted to thank my loyal patients for your support and wish you all a wonderful 2014. Our office building has seen a major construction project this past year (still unfinished), and we used the opportunity to perform a complete remodel of our office. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop in for a cup of freshly brewed coffee and take a quick tour of our gorgeous new facility!

What else happened in 2013?

Everything! We moved a step closer to the Holy Grail of plastic surgery.

This year saw the development of what may be the single most revolutionary procedure for rejuvenating aging skin and soft tissue. Not by pulling, freezing, burning or lasering, but truly repairing and restoring damaged skin. We call it Nano Stem Serum, and this is how it works:

I remain a leading edge surgeon and advocate for Natural Fat Transfer, where we use natural adipose (fat) tissue to fill lines and soften the thinning face as it ages. For reference, you can hear me talk about this in multiple short videos on my website. We now take the remaining, purified fat and gently process it to extract stem cells from the tissue and concentrate them into a smooth liquid. This serum is thin enough to be injected directly into damaged skin.

We can now make skin more healthy by placing growth factors and reparative stem cells exactly where we want them - in the skin! Injected into crows’ feet, upper lips lines and crepey skin, we see thickening and a smoother appearance. In the décolletage, we see softening and disappearance of wrinkles. We are also studying the effect of placing Nano Stem Serum into the lower eyelid skin for improvement of dark circles and skin discoloration.

Please feel free to call our office for any additional information we might be able to provide, and wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year!

- Dr. K

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Natural Fat Transfer for more Youthful Hands, Eyes, Lips and more….

Many signs of aging can be addressed by replacing lost fullness and plumpness. Dr. Koplin’s treatment philosophy is that most people don’t want to look different -- they just want to look like they did 10-15 years ago. Pulling and stretching the face cannot achieve this! Traditional “facelifts” only produce “funny-looking” adults who don’t really look younger. The most elite and artistic (and therefore the best) plastic surgeons understand that, without replacing “baby fat,” truly natural-appearing facial rejuvenation cannot be achieved. Natural Fat Transfer uses your own fat to provide a natural plumpness.

Since the fat is part of your body, it doesn’t cause the issues (redness, irritation, and/or lumpiness) associated with chemically produced fillers. It’s also long lasting. Other fillers disappear over time. Other fillers are either artificial chemicals, liquids derived from dead animal tissue, or foreign objects such as microscopic glass spheres. They may not be bad for you, but they certainly aren’t good for you! Fat transfer transplants live fat cells that develop their own blood supply and become a permanent part of your body. Because its effects are so long lasting, it’s also more cost-effective than other fillers, which need to be replaced on a regular basis. Most importantly, the “stem-cell” effect of fat transfer is the final reason this technique is far better and healthier than artificial fillers.

Fat Transfer Procedures

Fat transfer is simple, painless, and takes just minutes. Often used in conjunction with other procedures (facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation, etc.) for more natural looking results, it’s also an effective stand-alone procedure. There’s no cutting, no scars, and an almost immediate recovery. Even better, the results from fat transfer, which uses your own natural fat cells, are far superior to procedures using artificial fillers.

A simple fat transfer procedure can:

Banish Under Eye Hollows

Do people say you look tired? Do you notice a hollow look under your eyes? Are your dark circles getting darker? As we age, fat migrates from our cheeks downward, leaving eye hollows in its place. The skin under the eyes also thins, so blood vessels show through, causing dark circles to appear. Fat transfer can add back the fat you lost, adding back volume to the area under your eyes, disguising some dark circles, and making you look rested and refreshed.

You may want to consider a fat-transfer procedure for under eye hollows if:

Sculpt Shapelier Breasts

The procedure is simple, and the results are wonderfully subtle. You won’t look like you’ve had “work” done. You’ll just look bright-eyed, energized, and younger.

Perhaps you’ve had breast augmentation surgery, but didn’t get quite the results you wanted. Or perhaps you’d like a narrower, more natural–looking cleavage. Fat transfer can give you the soft, full, natural looking breasts you desire. Dr. Koplin, a pioneer and expert in the field of fat transfer, uses this technique in conjunction with implants to correct imperfections, eliminate rippling, and cover the edges of obvious implants. He uses your own fat—taken from an area you’d like to reduce—to plump, shape, sculpt and enhance your breasts, perfecting the contours and giving you the look you want to achieve.

You may want to consider fat transfer for your breasts if you have:

Eradicate Nasal Folds

We all dread the appearance of nasal folds and lines, those around our mouths that make us look older and more severe. The nasolabial fold runs from the corner of the nostril of the nose down to the corner of your mouth, while the “Marionette Line” stretches from the corner of your mouth down to the chin or jaw. Both of them can age your face dramatically.

These lines typically appear around age 40. In our youth, we have plump cheeks, and tight skin. As we age, we lose tissue/fat volume and skin elasticity. Lax skin, no longer plumped up by our youthful fat, creates these folds and lines and makes us look old and tired.

Fat transfer can help to erase these lines by replacing lost fat in your face. Dr. Koplin uses your own fat to soften lines and sculpt contours that blend in with your mouth and jaw line.

You may want to consider fat transfer for the lines around your mouth if you:

You’ll be pleased to see that fat transfer doesn’t make your face look tight or taut, just full and youthful. Dr. Koplin can not only erase the lines but also non-surgically “sculpt” the area around them, to give you the most pleasing mouth and jaw line contours possible.

Make Your Hands Look Youthful

Most people can tell a person’s age by looking at his or her hands. Hands lose fat as we age. They begin to look bony, with thinner skin, obvious veins, and prominent joints.

Unfortunately, the hands are often left unaddressed by those seeking a more youthful look. Plastic surgery patients may opt for facial and body rejuvenation, but forget about their hands, presenting a jarring contrast and providing unintentional clues about their age.

Fat transfer can make your hands look as good as the rest of you. It provides immediate results, plumping up hands to hide veins and bones, improving skin tone, and giving your hands a more youthful appearance.

You may want to consider fat transfer hand rejuvenation if:

Fat transfer immediately makes hands look less bony and vascular. It smoothes and plumps them, giving them a younger appearance. Because the hands are in near constant motion, additional fat transfer procedures may be necessary to maintain the results.

Perk up your Earlobes

Do thinning earlobes make it difficult for you to wear earrings? Even worse, do they age you? Though many of us don’t think of ears and earlobes when it comes to rejuvenation, consider this: When you look in the mirror, you see your entire head and face, including your ears. As you age, your ears lose structure and fat. Your lobes begin to thin and sag. Now you can counter that aging effect with fat transfer, a quick, simple procedure that uses your own fat to plump your earlobes.

You may want to consider a fat-transfer procedure for your earlobes if you have:

With fat transfer, results are immediate. You’ll have beautifully plump earlobes and be able to wear your favorite pair of earrings without worry.

Fill in Sunken Temples

You may have never thought about your temples—until now. Facial fat decreases in volume as we age. A formerly youthful-looking face can begin to look old and wasted, especially when the temples lose their padding. Some young people with very low body fat may also acquire a gaunt or even “skeletal” appearance from hollow temples or sunken temples.

Fortunately this condition is easily treated with Natural Fat Transfer. The simple procedure fills in the temples, eliminating gauntness, and making any obvious veins less noticeable.

You may want to consider fat transfer for your temples if:

Good candidates for this procedure have enough body fat to harvest and transplant.

Natural Fat Transfer provides a softened and youthful look for your temples. It also creates an incredibly natural look. You’ll look younger and healthier almost immediately with fat transfer.


If you’d like to find out how fat transfer could make you look younger, more rested and refreshed, and closer to your ideal self, please schedule your consultation today. (Link to appointment page.)

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